Gervasoni is a legendary Italian brand that has been part of the furniture and lighting industry since 1882. Gervasoni is one of Italy's oldest brands, and they have been producing stylish products for the home for over 140 years. Over Gervasoni's many years, they have gained a lot of technological experience and have become incredibly skilled at their craft, a quality that can clearly both be seen and felt when you hold their products in your hand. Over 140 years of passion, creative expression and experience have created this undeniably amazing brand.

Dive into a world of your own, with a classic Italian brand that has a large range of iconic and elegant products to offer, and enjoy the quality and the detailed and well-thought-out design behind it.

Iconic designs

Gervasoni is the manufacturer behind a long line of the most iconic lamps and furniture worldwide. With their over 140 years in the industry, they have brought many beautiful and interesting products to life. At Gervasoni you will find a collection of world-renowned furniture and designs, which over the years have been recognized and loved around the world.

Their impressive Ghost collection is one of their most popular, and the minimalist range can be found in many prominent locations around the world. One of the elements that made the Ghost collection an internationally loved series is the ability to remove the cover itself from the furniture, so that you can easily and elegantly change the appearance of your Ghost products.


Brass pendant

One of the most well-known designs from the Italian brand is the exclusive and very popular brass pendant from Gervasoni. With its fluid form and floating expression, it is an elegant pendant that really catches and draws the eye. Its extraordinary expression is a special addition to the home that cannot be found anywhere else.

The brass the pendant is a fantastic example of what products you can expect from Gervasoni. All products from Gervasoni are in their own way completely unique, spectacular and original in their expression and style, which gives a completely unique experience when placing a product from Gervasoni in the home.

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The story behind

With over 140 years in the industry, Gervasoni is a manufacturer steeped in history. Gervasoni started as a small business in the Italian provincial town of Udine. Here they specialized in wickerwork, which was the start of Gervasoni's impressive adventure. Today, Gervasoni is owned by the two brothers, Gioavnni and Michele Gervasoni, who are the third generation of the Gervasoni family. The company, which was established in 1882, has since then been family owned, which stands as a clear testament to their fantastic journey. At Gervasoni you can find a wide range of impressive furniture for the home today. Among other things, their popular collection of armchairs and sofas, Ghost, or their beautiful Bolla lamps that are produced in wicker, which they have specialized in for many years.

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