It all began in 1968, when Frandsen's founder, Benny Frandsen, designed his first lamp, Ball. Since then, Frandsen has continued to develop Benny's beautiful designs and preserve his design legacy. Frandsen creates decorative and inspiring lighting that will add personality to any room in the home. A dedication to creating lighting that not only illuminates space, but also illuminates human life. Anchored in a strong design heritage, Frandsen represents a love for simple lines, functionality and timeless aesthetics. A style where you can easily see the connection to the Nordics, which exudes joy and life.

Ball series

Ball is a symbol of classic Danish design, and has become an iconic design at Frandsen. The lamp was created by Frandsen's founder, Benny Frandsen, back in 1968, and over the years has been loved by people all over the world. The playful nature of the Ball design adds a touch of fun and personality to your home. The lamp's clean lines and simple shape make it versatile and easy to integrate into any style. The series offers different sizes and colours, so you can find the perfect Ball lamp for every room and every taste.

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Benny Frandsen

Benny Frandsen's career started in 1968, where he designed lamps from his basement. In the same year, he designed the iconic Ball pendant, which to this day is one of Frandsen's best-selling series. Benny Frandsen's passion for design and his innovative approach to lighting have led to iconic and timeless lamps that have gained recognition worldwide, including through numerous international design awards. Benny Frandsen died in September 2021, but his spirit lives on in the many fantastic lamps that can still be bought from Frandsen.

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Local craft traditions

Since December 2019, Frandsen has been part of the Nine United family. Headquartered in Horsens, Denmark, Nine United has more than 700 colleagues working in offices, warehouses and showrooms across most of Europe and Asia.

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