Founded in 1968 by Benny Frandsen, Frandsen Lighting is deeply rooted in the tradition of Nordic design, known for its classic Danish design with the iconic Ball series, symbolizing the company's design heritage. Benny Frandsen's first creation, the Ball lamp, exemplifies the brand's dedication to simplicity, functionality, and timeless aesthetics. This series has grown to become beloved worldwide, showcasing the brand's ability to blend playfulness with clean lines, making it versatile for any home decor. Up until his passing in September 2021, Benny Frandsen's innovative designs earned global recognition and numerous awards, cementing his legacy within the lighting industry. Frandsen, now a part of the Nine United family since December 2019 and headquartered in Horsens, Denmark, continues to honor its founding principles by producing decorative and inspirational lighting that adds personality to any space, all while being deeply anchored in local craft traditions and celebrating joy and life through its designs.