Founded in 1961 and based in Italy, Fabbian has been creating and manufacturing lights for both private and business use for over 50 years, distinguishing itself from Nordic and Scandinavian designs like those of Louis Poulsen and Northern Lighting. Fabbian is renowned for its skilled use of advanced production technologies and collaboration with innovative architects and designers, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic lamps. Their signature products include the Fabbian Ice Cube and the Fabbian Beluga spotlights, both lauded for their thoughtful design and versatility in various settings, and the Fabbian Enck, known for its unique light diffusion. Fabbian's commitment to quality is evident in their in-house production, ensuring the integrity of every lamp. Behind their success are designers like Benjamin Hubert, known for the Roofer pendant, and Marc Sadler, the mind behind the Beluga design, who have contributed to Fabbian’s strong international presence, particularly in Nordic countries. The company prides itself on tradition, quality, and a keen understanding of market demands, which has propelled it to become a celebrated player in the global market. Fabbian offers a wide range of lamps available through its website, encouraging interested customers to reach out if they find a design not listed on andlight.fi.