Design by Us

Design by Us, an edgy Danish design brand, merges classic with modern in its wicked and innovative designs, particularly noted for its unique lighting solutions like the Vintage table lamp crafted from 1950s and 1960s French glass vases, ensuring no two lamps are identical. The brand is celebrated for statement lights such as the Ballroom pendant and the Pollish pendant, acclaimed for their aesthetic appeal and functionality as art pieces. Behind these captivating designs is Rasmus Larsson, a Danish Design School graduate who founded Design by Us in the late 1990s alongside his family, initially as a creative playground. Unlike traditional Scandinavian design firms focusing on minimalism, Design by Us stands out for its commitment to vibrant, eye-catching, and quirky designs, evident in its diverse series including Addicted, Ballroom, Bellis, Vintage, Pollish, and Punk Deluxe. Since its inception in 1999, the brand has established itself as a distinctive force in the design world, emphasizing colorful and fun furniture alongside their standout lamp collections.