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Decorate your home with the Muuto Strand pendant and create a cozy environment

The Danish design company of Muuto has since its start in 2006 managed to leave a large impression on the world of design. The name Muuto originates from Finland where it means change and new perspectives. The desire to create beautiful design stems from the two founders, Kristian Byrge and Peter Bonnén, who shares a vision of bringing Nordic and Danish design back to the international scene of design. This shows itself in the many beautiful designer lamps they have created. 

A unique new series from Muuto is their Strand Pendants. With its soft organic expression, it gives a calm and glowing light to your home. The lamp can be found in 5 different sizes so you can choose the one that fits your home perfectly. The lamp is made from polypropene fibres making the light warm and cosy. We challenged two of stylists from the AndLight Styling Team to decorate their home with the lamp so it could tie a room together and create a cosy atmosphere. View how they did it in the article below. 

Find the lamp here. 

Above the dining table

In her cosy home, Ania chose to decorate and style her kitchen-dining area with the  Muuto Strand Ø60 pendant. She was particularly inspired by the shape of the lamp which she used to tie the living room and kitchen together. Her home is full of natural tones where the lamp ties it all together and really creates a cosy environment.

Tip #1 for decorating your home:

The lamps opening in the middle makes it perfect to hang above the dining table with the direct light lighting up the table while the rest of the table can enjoy a more calm light


In the livingroom

In her work with the Strand Pendant, Magda chose to decorate her livingroom with the lamp. Here, the shape of the lamp was used to create a cosy atmosphere. In her styling, she uses natural tones and materials where the Strand pendant is a great match with its soft expression. 

Tip #2 for decorating your home:

If your home has a lot of natural tones, you can use the soft expression of the Strand Pendant to tie the whole room together. On the other hand, if your home is more minimalistic and cold in its expression, the Strand Pendant can be used to create contrast and a cozy environment.