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Bring the light inside and prepare for the winter season

Shorter and darker days are approaching and now is the perfect time to decorate with more lamps and fill up your home with light. In October we are focusing on bringing the light inside with the campaign Winter Lights. By adding more light in your home in winter, you can lift your mood on the dark days. The right light can help define a room and can be both functional and beautiful. For example, light can be used in a pratical way on your desk or in the kitchen or to create a cosy vibe in the reading corner or bedroom. Keep reading and find inspiration to brighten up the dark days with MENUs lamp collection. In the Winter Light campaign you can save 20% on selected favorites from MENU in October.

Reverse Table Lamp

Use a table lamp to brighten up the dark corners in your home. The table lamp is the clear choice for the desk or bedside table, but it can also be used in the bookcase or on the dresser to light up books and ornaments. The Reverse table lamp brings a soft light to the room that can be adjusted on the dimmer on top.

JWDA Floor Lamp

Another great way to shine light on dark corners is by using a floor lamp. The floor lamp is perfect next to the couch as a reading light or as an extra source of light in the bedroom. The JWDA floor lamp kan easily be adjusted to the desired brightness with the dimmer. If you like the minimalistic feel of the JWDA lamp, the JWDA collection also includes a table lamp and a pendant. Find the JWDA collection here.

Carrie transportabel bordlampe

A portable lamp is the perfect functional lamp for your home. It is just as practical during winter as it is during summer. With a portable lamp you can move it around according to your needs and let it brighten up the places in your home, that need additional light in the darker months. The Carrie table lamp is created to bring a cosy feel to everyday life and it offers endless possibilities with its light portable design. Use Carrie on the side table, the hallway or on the dining table instead of candles.