Bent Hansen

Bent Hansen, established in 1948, has been dedicated to producing and designing high-quality products that combine comfort with visual appeal. Noteworthy for their expertise in upholstery, they aim to replace discomfort in everyday life with comfort and warmth through a complex range of products. Among their popular designs is the Primum series of chairs, which stands as their first foray into dining table chair design, known for its elegant design language and versatility in home decor. In their commitment to both comfort and style, Bent Hansen introduced other significant designs such as the Asger dining table chair and the sturdy Hemmingway desk. One of the distinguished designers, Portuguese architect Mariana Amado Trancoso, contributed the unique Momento dining table chair, reflecting Bent Hansen's innovative approach to design where products are not only comfortable but also visually pleasing. Bent Hansen, now led by the third-generation Henrik White Hansen, maintains its foundational focus on quality and timeless design, honoring the legacy begun by its founders as a furniture upholstery company, and continues to uphold the standards of excellence set since its inception.