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Swedish Watt & Veke was founded back in 1998 with a clear vision to make everyday life brighter and more beautiful. Watt & Veke has a proud tradition of creating atmospheric moods with their lamp designs and it is important for the Swedish brand that their lamps say something about you as a person. Therefore, you can choose both timeless classics and more challenging statement products, so you always have the opportunity to reflect your identity in the products. The products are created with the design in focus, based on the Scandinavian design philosophy and with inspiration from around the world - all with the aim of creating the most accomplished product for you as a consumer.

Inspirational designs from Hanna Wessman

Watt & Veke has, in collaboration with the renowned Swedish designer Hanna Wessman, created the popular lamp series Spoon. With the Spoon series, Watt & Veke has really hit the map and the design is strongly mark by the Scandinavian design language. The series includes a table lamp, a floor lamp and an impressive pendant with indirect light. Director Erik Cederberg has himself been part of the development of this design and calls the series her own favorite in their collection. She refers to the lamps as being real statement pieces that can fit into many different homes.

Watt & Veke lamps at AndLight

Ellipse lamp from Watt & Veke

One of Watt & Veke's most well-known and timeless designs is the beautiful Ellipse lamp. The lamp resembles, in the brand's own words, a spaceship that can be integrated into almost any room. The lamp issues a nice and general light, which is scattered throughout the room. The lamp is constructed from a bent skeleton and coated with a soft cotton gray , which is available in white, gray or in a nice sand color. The lamp is a bit reminiscent of the classic Nelson design from HAY, but with a slightly softer expression. You can choose what color the hanger should be in, so you can design the look to perfection.

Unique and organic designs from Anna Hörling

Watt & Veke has with large success collaborated with Anna Hörling, who has created the organic lamp series Anna, designed in 2010 with the aim of creating a discreet but beautiful ceiling light. This lamp is especially suitable for a bedroom or hallway, where it is not always practical with a hanging pendant. The lampshade beautifully covers the construction of the lamp and the soft cotton material, gives the design a cloud-like and light expression. In 2012, Anna Hörling added the Ingrid lamp to the collection. This lamp is created based on the same philosophy, but has a more modern design and a glossy plate in the middle, which spreads the light downwards. The design is less organic and a bit more distinctive than the design on Anna, but gives the same feeling of lightness that fits great in the bedroom.
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