Watt & Veke

Founded in 1998, Swedish Watt & Veke embarked on a mission to illuminate everyday life with its unique and aesthetically pleasing lamp designs. Emphasizing individual expression, their collection spans timeless classics to bold statement pieces, allowing customers to mirror their personal identity through these designs. Watt & Veke's creations are deeply rooted in Scandinavian design principles yet draw inspiration from global trends, aiming to deliver superior products that enhance consumer spaces with both style and substance.

Inspirational designs from Hanna Wessman

Watt & Veke's collaboration with esteemed Swedish designer Hanna Wessman birthed the acclaimed Spoon lamp series, a testament to the brand's innovative and Scandinavian-inspired design ethos. This series, featuring table, floor, and pendant lamps, gained significant attention for its distinct style and versatility, fitting seamlessly into a variety of home decors. Erik Cederberg, the brand's Director, personally involved in the series' development, regards the Spoon series as a high point in the company's portfolio, symbolizing both the brand's design acumen and its ability to cater to diverse consumer tastes.

Ellipse lamp from Watt & Veke

The Ellipse lamp stands out as one of Watt & Veke's signature pieces, boasting a timeless design suggestive of a softly-lit spacecraft. Its construction involves a carefully bent skeleton enveloped in a soft cotton fabric, available in multiple colors to accommodate different atmospheric and design needs. This offering from Watt & Veke is regularly compared to the iconic Nelson design by HAY but is noted for its softer and more adaptable aesthetic, underlining the brand's dedication to creating versatile and aesthetically appealing lighting solutions for any space.