Vaarnii , a Finnish design brand, recognized for its bold and sophisticated approach to making furniture and objects. Vaarnii specializes in creating these elegant design pieces from a simple, natural raw material - Finnish pine. This material is carefully selected by local craftsmen and factories in Finland who share Vaarnii's passion for quality and sustainability.

At the heart of Vaarnii's range is the Pine Range, a collection of robust and durable items designed to stand the test of time and become more beautiful with age. With a view to making furniture that can serve a need for many, and inspiration from the rich Nordic design heritage, Vaarnii's creations encapsulate the essence of both function and nature.

Vaarnii goes beyond furniture; they make heirlooms that tell stories and enrich your home. Explore their range today to experience true Finnish design, characterized by a commitment to simplicity, quality and sustainability.

Vaarnii's history

Born in 2021 through the vision of Finnish designers Antti Hirvonen and Miklu Silvanto, Vaarnii represents a bold departure from the conventional Scandinavian design landscape. Determined to challenge the status quo, these visionary founders drew inspiration from the Nordic design heritage, as well as unconventional sources such as brutalist architecture and the punk rock movements.


The designers behind Vaarnii

Vaarnii collaborates with renowned international designers such as Cecilie Manz, Mac Collins, Industrial Facility, Kwangho Lee and Max Lamb. Together they share a vision to make striking and sophisticated objects using Finnish pine. Vaarnii's strength lies in the diversity of perspectives these designers bring to the table. Each one adds their unique aesthetic mark, resulting in a global collection. These designers work closely with local Finnish craftsmen and factories ensuring top quality. They transform visionary design into functional artistry, making Finnish craftsmanship accessible to homes around the world.


Pine Range

Vaarnii's Pine Range is not just a collection; it is a celebration of the character and versatility of the pine tree. Often underestimated as a cheap or low-quality material, Vaarnii seeks to transform the perception of pine. With contributions from established and emerging designers such as Max Lamb, Fredrik Paulsen, Soft Baroque, the Pine Range embodies resolute, durable and timeless design. Experience Vaarnii and embrace the magic of Finnish craftsmanship.

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