All the things in the world that make life wonderful are made by humans. People who are clear to go the extra mile to give you an extraordinary experience. In Danish we have a word for just this. The word is UMAGE. At UMAGE, aesthetics, simplicity and functionality are combined. The result is exquisite designs with a sustainable edge. All UMAGE's products are flat packed in stylish boxes to optimize global logistics and transport costs – this contributes to a minimized carbon footprint and maximizes the company's ethical commitment to environmental responsibility. UMAGE's products are characterized by innovative shapes, functionality and interchangeability. At Umage, you have the opportunity to change your lampshades and thereby use your lampshade as a pendant, floor lamp, table lamp or wall lamp. This is possible due to UMAGE's large selection of accessories, which can be combined in countless ways.

Popular lamps from Umage

The Asteria series is a beautiful combination of design, technology and beautiful craftsmanship. The lamps are created in a minimalist and timeless design, which appeals to Nordic and bright interiors. The series was designed by Danish Søren Ravn Christensen. The lamps in the series have built-in LED panels which are hidden under a white diffuser, which ensures a soft and pleasant light. The Asteria series can be integrated into most homes and will never go out of style. You can advantageously combine the lamps in the series, for an even more complete and satisfying expression. The built-in LED panel naturally has a 10-year warranty.

The EOS series from Danish Umage is a tribute to the Greek goddess of the same name. Eos is the goddess of the dawn and therefore the EOS series is shaped like the clouds in the sky. The lamps are designed by Danish Søren Ravn Christensen and consist of powder-coated steel, fabric and real goose feathers on the outside. In this series, you get an extremely exclusive and organic design, which really catches the eye and provides a pleasant and fascinating light.

Umage's innovative accessories

The unique and brilliant thing about Umage's range is that you can quickly convert your pendant into a lamp shade for example a floor lamp, table lamp or wall lamp.

With Umage's innovative accessories, you can create and combine your own designs and place them exactly where you want. And if you get tired of the design, you can change it all over again.

This creative and innovative approach to lamps makes Umage more than a brand. With the opportunity to create your own designs and paint your own lampshade, there is plenty of opportunity for innovation and creative expression.

Umage has even created its own LED bulbs that are made for their designs. There are different strengths and sizes, which can be chosen according to the expression you want.

Here, there is plenty of opportunity to create your own designs and make the lamps your own.

The story of Umage

At UMAGE, aesthetics, simplicity and functionality are combined. In addition, UMAGE has a strong focus on sustainability and a general inspiration from nature. Nature creates a feeling of relaxation with organic shapes and beautiful colors. Umage wants to combine solid natural materials, refined shapes and colors with their idea of Urban living.

UMAGE was established in 2008 by CEO Jacob Nannestad Hansen and creative chief developer Søren Ravn Christensen. Since then, Umage has grown steadily and is today present in over 50 countries.

Through timeless designs that are functional and of good quality, combined with recycled cardboard for packaging, Umage manages to lift part of the important agenda concerning sustainability.