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One of Tom Dixon's most popular lamps is the Tom Dixon Copper Shade Pendant. Tom Dixon is a self-taught designer who, with his sense of aesthetics and metal usage, has had a lot of success over the years.

The lamp is made from copper and polycarbonate. The latter is a synthetically produced material which has good optical properties and a shiny surface. A thin layer of copper surrounds the inside of a polycarbonate ball, resulting in a reflective surface. The hot metal glow that is part of the design comes from copper, which is also used in solar cells and microwave radiation. Using copper, Tpm Dixon takes advantage of the dynamic and flexible properties of the material, while giving it a particularly warm look. Grouped as a copper chandelier or alone, the Tom Dixon Copper Shade Pendant is an enriched and "soft" light source that provides warmth and softness to the room. 


Tom Dixon Copper Shade