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TATO is a well-known Italian design company that produces lighting, furniture, and accessories. At AndLight we have the entire collection of TATO’s designer lamps; table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, pendants, and ceiling lamps. TATO Italia’s philosophy is to create products built on old and new values. Through excellent craftsmanship, using both traditional and innovative methods, the focus is put on creating the very best products and introducing them to the world. 

Popular Designer Lamps from TATO

TATO combines classic and modern designs. Their probably best-known design classic is Ingnazio Gardell’s beautiful Alzabille floor lamp from 1948, which has a stunning and minimalistic design. The lamp comes in many different colours and materials. Another popular lamp is Gio Ponti’s lighting series Luna from 1957 that consist of two floor lamps and a pendant. The Luna series’ lamps have large, oval shades that give a lovely light. 

Flotte Bordlamper fra Tato italia

TATO's Designers

TATO knows how to attract well-known, talented designers. If you take a look at TATO’s designer portfolio, you will find big names like Gio Ponti, who is one of the 20th century’s biggest architects, and Ignazio Gardella, who, like Gio Ponti, was one of the biggest names of architecture. Gardella is known for creating new and different things unlike anything that had been seen before.

Gio Ponti en af Tatos anerkendte designere

The Story of TATO 

The Italian design company, TATO, was established with the ambition to create a company that would not compromise on quality, as for TATO, it is all about creating the very best products and generate an interest in something you would never even have thought of in the first place. They have managed to generate that feeling by uniting classic methods with new and innovative solutions, and through these create unique design of the highest quality.

Tatoitalia brand Logo