Italian Studio Italia Design has been at the forefront of lighting design since their establishment in Venice in 1950. The family owned company produces lamps in dedicated design and of high quality. 
Studio Italia Design works with a range of international designers - Danish Brian Rasmussen, Carlos Julio Ramirez from Venezuela and Dima Lingoff from Russia, just to mention a few. Studio Italia Design is owned by the Sofetto family. 
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Popular lamps from Studio Italia Design

Studio Italia has a large and very fascinating selection, and you will definitely find something that attracts your interest. Maybe the top selling Studio Italia Copenhagen Square outdoor lamp or maybe the special Studio Italia Tris-SO pendant. Another fantastic lamp is the Studio Italia Rock that with its calm look and great light fits into most homes. 

Kelly fra Studio Italia Design - Italienske Designer Lamper

Studio Italia Design's designers

Brian Rasmussen, Carlos Julio Ramirez, Denis Santachiara, Dima Loginoff, Enrico Corradini, Giulio Iacchetti, Karim Rashid, Marco Ferreri, Pio & Tito Toso, and Rocco Este - designers for Studio Italia Design! An incredible team of international designers that creates beautiful and innovative lamps for all of us. Read more about the designers here.

The story behind Studio Italia Design

Studio Italia Design was established in 1950 and is therefore an acknowledged manufacturer within lighting. Studio Italia Design has their base in Venice and has put their focus on producing lamps of high quality in amazing design. Studio Italia Design is world known and is available in over 90 countries.

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Studio Italia Design

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