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Here at AndLight, we've turned Singles Day into Singles Week. And to mark the occasion, we've found 15 products to look out for.

Singles Day is known as the day to treat yourself with something special, regardless of your relationship status.

Whether it's a stylish new table lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp or something else is entirely up to you. Scroll down and find your match!

1. &Tradition Passepartout JH10 Wall/Ceiling Lamp

Passepartout is the versatile wall or ceiling lamp from &Tradition.

With its decorative design, it fits into any environment. The lamp with its calm light is suitable for all rooms, whether they are large or small. Available in several colors, the lamp succeeds in being decorative without attracting too much attention.

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2. Fritz Hansen Ikebana Vase

The Ikebana vase from Fritz Hansen is part of the Ikebana collection. The vase is the result of a collaboration between Fritz Hansen and artist Jaime Hayon. 

The inspiration behind the vase's unique look comes from Japanese floral art, which focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of flowers as a whole - from stem to petal. The vase stands out by focusing on the bouquet as a whole rather than just the flowers. 

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3. Nuura Blossi Wall/Ceiling Lamp

Sofie Refer has designed Blossi for Nurra. Blossi is a wall or ceiling lamp where the design is carefully crafted down to the smallest detail. The lamp gives off a stunning light and a nice warmth to the room it is hanging in.

The specially developed LED module, which is placed in the center of the lamp, illuminates the glass and metal and thus prevents glare. This allows Blossi to perfectly serve as ambient lighting in the living room, or as a light source for the hallway or entrance. 

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4. &Tradition Flowerpot VP9 Table Lamp Portable

Designed by Verner Panton for &Tradition, Flowerpot is an excellent choice if you want to treat yourself to some beautiful design.

The lamp has a classic, retro design that is available in a wide range of colors and is portable.
The stylish design makes it hard to imagine a home the table lamp wouldn't fit perfectly in. 

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5.Tala Brass Pendant

The Tala Brass Pendant is a beautiful, minimalist socket of sublime quality. Tala's philosophy is based both on design excellence and sustainability.

This is also evident in this pendant, where 90% of the brass used is recycled material. Combine the lamp with one of the many special and intriguing bulbs from Tala and give your home a new, unique look.

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6. New Works Florence Coffee Table

Florence from New Works is the well-executed coffee table that brings a raw simplicity to the seating area.

The coffee table has a stunning contrast in the shape of the angular black steel frame, versus the round marble table top, which provides an elegant fusion of the two dimensions. With its eye-catching, sturdy tabletop, it fits perfectly into the modern living room.

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7. Ferm Living Arum Table Lamp

Arum from Ferm Living is a table lamp that is both charming and artistic.

The shade, which rests on a thin rod, makes it look like a leaf hanging from a thin stem. The inside of the shade is matt and cream-colored, which makes the light from the lamp soft and evenly distributed. The adjustable lamp shade makes it easy to find the ideal lighting conditions.

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8. MENU Column Table Lamp

Designers Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn have created the portable table lamp Column for MENU.

With its sharp edges, the table lamp has a modern look and produces a soft, diffused and pleasant light. Use it for cozy lighting in the bedroom, living room, hallway, or take it out on the patio where it provides light for 9 hours thanks to the rechargeable battery.

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9. Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell 6631 Luxus Table Lamp

Kaiser Idell from Fritz Hansen is the perfect lamp for self-indulgence.

With its extremely elegant and timeless design, it is a lamp that gets noticed. Made from steel and brass, with the shade in hand-painted high gloss paint, there's no doubting the quality.

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10. Flos 265 Wall Lamp

The 265 wall lamp was designed by Paolo Rizzatto for Flos back in 1973. The shape of the lamp gives a very simple and minimalist expression. The 205 cm long arm can be adjusted in any direction the lamp allows it due to the counterweight placed opposite the lampshade.

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11. Petite Friture VERTIGO Pendant

Vertigo by Petite Friture is a world renowned and award winning pendant and deservedly so.

Every detail is carefully considered and measured with precision, which contributes to giving the lamp its unique character. The light aluminum structure makes the lamp easily affected by wind in the room, and together with the light source placement, it provides a stunning shadow display. If you are passionate about design, this French design icon will not disappoint.

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12. New Works Tense Pendant

Panter and Tourron, the designers of Tense pendant for New Works, have created a formidable lamp. The pendant adds character and style to a room with its floating expression. Tense provides a gentle and atmospheric light, perfect for above the coffee table or dining table.

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13. GUBI Multi-Lite Pendant

Multi-Lite was designed by Louis Weisdorf back in 1972. The lampshades can be adjusted, allowing for different types of light - direct upwards, downwards or an asymmetrical artistic light. Create a variety of atmospheres in your home with this classic from GUBI.

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14. Verner Panton Globe Pendant

Globe, designed by Verner Panton, is a world-famous classic from 1969. Still as relevant today as it was at the time.

The lamp has a futuristic and voluminous, but extremely elegant appearance, which makes it ideal for hanging over the dining table, in the office or the hallway. Each original Verner Panton Globe pendant is numbered and comes with a certificate to prove its authenticity.

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15.GUBI Obello Table Lamp Portable

The Obello table lamp has eliminated the need for a separate base, and is entirely a white matt glass shade. The lamp is portable and has an IP44 rating, which allows it to be taken outside and illuminate the dark evening hours.

With its charming opaque glass, adjustable intensity and pleasant light, Obello is a delightful addition to any home.

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Singles Day, also known as 11.11, originated in China, but in a few years many places have embraced the celebration, including us. At AndLight we are all about self-indulgence and we hope you will celebrate Singles Day with us.

So be sure to treat yourself during Singles Week! Don't worry, you'll still be able to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends at great prices during our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at the end of November.

Keep an eye out for all our great Singles Day deals right here!