Sibast Furniture

Since its inception in 1908, Sibast Furniture has been a beacon of high-quality furniture craftsmanship and design, operated by the family's fourth generation since 2013. With a deep respect for its heritage, the company masterfully balances the reissue of Helge Sibast's 1950s iconic furniture designs, such as the distinguished No 7, No 8, and No 9 chairs, with modern designs that embody timeless aesthetics. This approach ensures the legacy of Danish design excellence is preserved and cherished by future generations, making Sibast Furniture an esteemed purveyor of Danish design classics.

The No. 7 chair

The No 7 chair by Sibast Furniture, designed in 1953 by Helge Sibast, epitomizes the elegance and timeless charm of mid-century Danish design. Recognizable by its distinctively shaped back, the chair not only exudes a bold personality but also offers exceptional comfort. Its design, which integrates sloping rear legs for added elegance and lightness, is available in a variety of formats including dining, bar, and armchair versions as well as multiple material and upholstery options. This flexibility allows individuals to find a piece that seamlessly integrates with their personal living spaces, exemplifying Sibast’s commitment to design versatility and personal expression.

Helge Sibast

Helge Sibast's journey into furniture design began in his childhood, inspired by his father, a skilled cabinetmaker. Apprenticing under his father, P. Olsen Sibast, Helge honed his craft in their workshop filled with the scent of wood, eventually taking over the family business and pushing the boundaries of traditional furniture design. His creative prowess is most notably reflected in his iconic chair designs - No 7, No 8, and No 9. These pieces not only underline his ability to meld aesthetics with functionality but also his commitment to quality, propelling Sibast Furniture into a new era while adhering to the family’s longstanding philosophy and craftsmanship excellence.