Simplicity and innovation of the design combined with formidable craftmanship characterises this lamp. Secto Octo is especially suited for hanging above the dinner table. The lamp provides a warm and cozy light. A unique lamp that brings lighting into a modern univers of design. At the same time, the materials and joinery of the past are maintained. The lamp is available in birch , white , black and walnut and in two different sizes.

The big Octo 4240 has a diameter of 54 cm and a height of 68 cm, while the small Octo 4241 has a diameter of 45 cm and a height of 55 cm. Octo 4240 is a reasonably big lamp but the design does make the lamp appear light and airy. This is why it is well suited for small rooms depite its size, its perceived lightness. The little brother Octo 4241 is the alternative if you don't want the big lamp as it has a more compact shape while it still maintains the cozy effect and airyness for which the big brother is known.

The popular Secto Octo

Secto Octo 4240 is as no other lamp but it is still well suited for the modern home. The lamp appears as an exclusive piece of craftmanship where it is abvious that the details have been nurtured. This beautiful wooden lamp appears grand and beautiful while the design and materials mean that it also appears light and airy. A completely unique lamp that is a complete piece of work. The lamp has helped define Secto as a Scandinavian lamp designer.

Secto Octo 4241 Pendant is like its popular big brother a very elegant lamp that suits the modern home. Its shapes and light effects are the same as its big brother's with the one difference that this lamp is smaller and more compact which helps it fit in places that the big brother can't.

Octo 4240 fra Secto

The designer behind Secto Octo

Complete craftmanship is what characterises the Finnish architect Seppo Koho who is the designer behind many of Secto's lamps. With his simple design, he creates beautiful lamps from Scandinavian wood species. Seppo Koho has in collaboration with Secto produced a series of lamps made of Finnish birch which has given them a reputation of desigs with natural materials produced through excellent craftmanship. Seppo Koho has received many awards worldwide for his unique designs and has become known as a designer with a simple Scandinavian look.

Octo 4241 Pendant from Secto

Seppo Koho has reacted to the big demand for a smaller version of the Octo 4240 . Secto announced in the autumn of 2018 the Secto Octo 4241 to meet the demand for a lamp with the same design and atmosphere that could fit in rooms with less space.

Ankerkendt designer Seppo Koho

The story behind Secto

The Finnish lamp business Secto specialise in manufacturing lamps from sustainable Finnish birch. The lamps are designed in the Scandinavian style and are especially characterised by their organic shapes. The lamps are designed by the Finnish architect Seppo Koho. The lamps are designed to suit any environment, whether at home or in the office. With Secto's lamps, you get a pleasant light that adds a great atmosphere to the room.

Secto has since their foundation in 1995 went through a giant development from a small Finnish business to an internationally recognised name with famous models. However, they have always focused on the same values by using Scandinavian wood, innovation and world-class craftmanship. They have also excelled at listening to their customers and their desires. In the autumn of 2018, the company announced Secto Octo 4241 which was created because of the great demand for a smaller version of the Octo 4240 . Customers can now enjoy the design and light of the Octo in small rooms where the big one doesn't fit.

Flotte lamper fra Secto

Secto Octo