Santa & Cole

Since its establishment in 1985 by the trio Nina Masó, Javier Nieto Santa, and Gabriel Ordeig Cole, Santa & Cole, a vibrant Spanish design company based in Barcelona, has been committed to "editing" rather than just producing furniture and lighting products. This approach emphasizes the customization and functionality of its designs, ensuring they cater to future generations and resonate globally beyond the confines of fashion or geographical boundaries. With contributions from over eighty creators, including stalwarts like Antoni Arola, Miguel Milá, André Ricard, and llmari Tapiovaara, Santa & Cole boasts a rich catalog that reflects a blend of artistic intuition and historical reverence. Among its diverse and interesting designs, the Babel table lamp and the versatile Tatu table lamp by André Ricard are particularly notable, embodying the company's ethos of creating adaptable and enduring designs that enrich living spaces.