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Purchase guide

Below, you will finde a guide that will help you find and pick out your dream lamp. The guide contains both information that can help you, if you haven’t found your lamp and therefore needs help to find a certain lamp, or, if you just need some inspiration. Furthermore, the guide contains information, if you have found your dream lamp, but are in doubt of how the shopping process works. 

If you haven’t found your lamp:

  1. First of all, you can use our search function, which you will find in the top of the page in the middle. Through this function, you can type in your search word. For example, ”Snoopy” or ”Copper shade”. Hereafter, the results will pop up. 
    Sådan søger du efter en vare
  2. In the navy blue bar in the top of the page, you can select an overview of all our manifacturs by clicking on Brands. Hereafter, you can click on the specific manufactors and get an overview of what the different manufactors’ selection. 
    Producent menu
  3. Additionally, by clicking on Lamps, you will get an overview of all illustrations of the different types of lamps. By clicking on these, you will see all the lamps of that certain type. Like that, you are able to find inspiration and modify your search, so you end up with the perfect lamp for your home. 
    Lampetype menu

If you have found your lamp:

  1. You place your order by clicking Place in shopping basket. That will show the item put in the shopping bag, and if you have placed other items, these will show, too. To go to your shopping basket, click on Go to shopping basket. Here, you will see an overview of your placed items and see picture, sizes, colours, and prices of the selected items in your shopping basket.  
  2. In  your Shopping Bag it is important that you decide whether you would like to add ”extra returns” – you can read all about extra returns here. Choose between extra returns or not, and go on, either by clicking Order Now or Continue Shopping to browse more items. 
    Bestil nu eller shop videre
  3. To finalise your order, click Order Now. This will take you to a site, where you will fill out all relevant informations to complete your order. These informations implies personal information, method of payment, delivery option, and creditcard information.  
    Gennemfør ordren