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Professional insights for decorating with light and the story of the A-House

We sat down for a talk with independent interior stylist, Camilla Da Costa and Executive Designer Sofie Refer from Nuura, about interior decoration with designer lighting. Also, you can learn about their unique, new project "The A-House by Nuura".

Part 1: Professional tips for decorating with light

This video offers exciting thoughts and advice from professionals for decorating with light. We sat down with two of the most influential, Danish interior designers, to talk about interior and lighting. In this video, you can meet interior stylist Camilla Da Costa and our partner Sofie Refer, executive designer and co-founder of Nuura and hear their thoughts on decorating with light.

Later, we will talk about their new project "The A-House by Nuura", that has been a challenging and exciting project for the two colleagues.

Get advice and pro tips from the video, right here:


Part 2: The story of the A-house by Nuura

Camilla Da Costa and Sofie Refer also talk about their mutual project, creating a truly unique home for a demanding client. The customer has been travelling for many years and found himself comfortable in the hotels, he visited.

Therefore, he wanted the home to reflect a hotel, with the exclusive feel and interior that characterizes hotels.
Camilla Da Costa tells how she has used the beautiful lamp series from Nuura, to create a unique and personalized environment.

In the video below, Camilla and Sofie will go through the most exciting aspects of the interior and you can see how the beautiful apartment turned out: