Pantone's design philosophy transcends time by transforming functionality into sleek, minimalist creations, with lighting being pivotal in bringing warmth and 'hygge' into dark Scandinavian winters. Through a collaboration with Danish E3Light Group, Pantone introduces a lighting collection that includes pendants, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps, all customizable with Pantone shades. This collection not only utilizes refined lighting technology but also embodies bold colors and contemporary designs while staying true to the Scandinavian aesthetic. The designs aim to capture attention through simplicity, focusing on color to seamlessly integrate into various interiors and evoke emotions like happiness, calm, and energy, leveraging color's universal appeal.

Unique lamps from Pantone

Pantone's unique design lamps, characterized by high-quality craftsmanship meant to endure years of use, offer a canvas for personal creativity in home design. The collection allows individuals to tailor their lamps according to personal taste and needs, featuring minimalist sockets in six colors that can be paired with fabric or felt shades. Additionally, the lamp shades, embodying a classic look enhanced with a white metal ring, play with colors and minimalist shapes to form a playful yet sophisticated range. Pantone's lighting solutions are not just about illumination but also about combining sophisticated technology with iconic colors and modern design principles to reinvent lighting aesthetics.

The man behind Pantone's lamp collection

Kåre Arndt de Thurah, serving as Pantone Lighting’s design manager and Creative CEO of E3Light, emphasizes material selection in his designs, showcasing the collaborative effort between Pantone and E3Light in exploring the interplay of light and color. This venture has resulted in a versatile lamp collection, allowing personal expression in every room through a variety of colors, textures, and high-quality materials. Pantone's legacy as a global color authority for over fifty years is evident in their innovative designs, enabling individuals to create unique atmospheres of light and warmth in their homes, mirroring their personal style through the language of colors.