Since 2011, NORR11 has been recognized for offering timeless Scandinavian design, merging the excellence of past and present designs with an emphasis on product quality. Its dedication includes collaboration with local suppliers and young, talented creatives in the design sector. Among their acclaimed offerings are the simplistic yet timeless lamps, including customer favorites like the Line One pendant and the Le Six Double Arm Wall Light, viewable here. Highlighting the catalog is the Line Two Floor Lamp, celebrated for its minimalistic appeal yet detailed craftsmanship, available in three distinct variants at This lamp exemplifies the minimalist philosophy NORR11 and its designers, such as Knut Bendik Humlevik, advocate for. Humlevik, a proponent of minimalism, integrates natural and classic materials to bring a dynamic edge through subtle details and contrasts. NORR11, initiated by Tommy Hyldal, who transitioned from the fashion industry to pursue his zeal for furniture design, has since been adapting and innovating design solutions for modern lifestyles while remaining true to its roots of minimalism and quality.