Muuto pendants and chandeliers

Muuto, a prominent Scandinavian design house, seamlessly integrates innovative lighting design with the northern spirit, utilizing the talents of celebrated designers like Louise Campbell and Harri Koskinen. Among their diverse and colorful offerings, the Muuto E27 pendant stands out for its simplicity and the vibrant Mhy pendant for its interesting color options. Their collection also includes the Fluid pendant, celebrated for its timeless design and suitability for both office and residential spaces. Significant contributors to Muuto's success include Mattias Ståhlbom and Gabriella Gustafson of TAF Architects, known for designing the notable Wood lamp and having their work showcased in prestigious venues such as MoMA. Rooted in a philosophy that emphasizes functionality, simplicity, and originality, Muuto strives to push the boundaries of Scandinavian design through a careful selection of designers and the creative freedom afforded to them, resulting in distinctive products like the Grain and Cosy lamps.