Since its establishment in 2006 by Henrik Marstrand, Mater has been on a mission to blend responsibility with classic design. By incorporating materials considered waste by others, such as coffee bean shells mixed with industrial plastic waste, Mater showcases sustainable design in a novel light. Their products include the relaunched BM3162 chair, a collaboration with Børge Mogensen's grandchildren, featuring materials from the WASTE collection—a move that not only honors Mogensen's legacy but also pushes the boundaries of material use in design. Mater's collection boasts contributions from renowned designers like Nanna Ditzel, Børge Mogensen, and emerging talents, emphasizing elegant yet responsible design. The essence of Mater's vision—an endeavor initiated by Marstrand—is to revolutionize the furniture industry's approach to production, encouraging a more sustainable consumption pattern without sacrificing style or design integrity.