Marset, not just a mere lighting brand, intertwines technical precision with creativity to innovate within the lighting industry, thereby ensuring their lamps, such as the fresh, modern Scandinavian-designed Maranga collection by Christophe Mathieu, enjoy a long lifespan. The brand exudes class and luxury, partly owing to its Spanish roots and partly to its array of talented designers. Its product range, which includes the popular Discoco series and the Pleat Box, showcases Marset's commitment to design and quality, offering solutions for every lighting need in a household. Noteworthy is the Marset Lab that doubles as both an outdoor and a wall lamp. The brand's roster of designers, from Lluis Porquera with his classic Funiculi floor lamp to Mathias Hahn’s popular Scantling lamps, reflects a blend of meaningful simplicity and decorative elegance across generations. With its origin tracing back to the 1940s as a family business, Marset has consistently leveraged its rich history to evolve and cement its status in the global market by prioritizing innovative, first-class, and smartly designed lamps that captivate users.