Since its establishment in Venice in 1950, Italian Lodes has been a pioneer in lighting design, producing dedicated and high-quality lamps. Owned by the Sofetto family, Lodes collaborates with international designers such as Danish Brian Rasmussen, Carlos Julio Ramirez from Venezuela, and Dima Loginoff from Russia, showcasing a remarkable selection that caters to diverse tastes. Highlight pieces include the best-selling Lodes Copenhagen Square outdoor lamp, the unique Lodes Tris-SO pendant, and the Lodes Rock, which offers a calm appearance suited for many homes. The brand's commitment to excellence is further reflected in the collaboration with a stellar lineup of designers, including names like Denis Santachiara, Enrico Corradini, and Karim Rashid, among others. Learn more about the designers at Lodes' website. With its origin dating back over seventy years, Lodes has established itself as a leading figure in the lighting industry, offering its high-quality, beautifully designed lamps in over 90 countries, continuing to build on its rich heritage from its Venetian base.