Kristina Dam Studio

Since its establishment in 2012 by Kristina Dam, a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts for Architecture and Design, Kristina Dam Studio has embraced the design philosophy of Sculptural Minimalism to create simple, minimalist, and stylish products. This philosophy ensures every piece—from furniture to limited edition illustrations—exhibits a unique balance by utilizing natural and solid materials, a monochrome color palette, or the material's inherent color. Notably, their popular Bowl series, made of glazed terracotta with a waterproof film inside, exemplifies the studio's commitment to quality and functional design. Drawing inspiration from Bauhaus and Japanese styles, and characterized by a clear Scandinavian and architectural tone, the studio's products aim to add edge, charisma, and character to any home. Kristina Dam Studio's diverse and intriguing range, updated biannually with collections entirely designed by Kristina Dam, reflects a commitment to unique and special home products built around simple, minimalist, and graphic lines.