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IQlight, conceived in 1973 by the Danish designer Holger Strøm, represents a landmark in Danish design with its distinctive "assemble-yourself" lamps composed of interlocking quadrilaterals, allowing owners to customize their lamp creations. Available in six standard sizes, each set consists of 30 modules, enabling the construction of various lamp configurations to suit individual tastes and needs. These innovative lamps have earned multiple accolades, such as the Danish Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award. IQlight offers a range of sizes, from a modest 30 cm diameter lamp to a striking 80 cm version, including special editions in red and a Mikado style, each configurable in up to 22 unique formations for a personalized touch. The genesis of IQlight traces back to Strøm's time at Kilkenny Design Workshops in Ireland, showcasing his dedication to functionality through his diverse design portfolio. The system, which originated in 1972, has evolved to encompass a variety of sizes and a limited edition color, continuing to enchant with its blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal.