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How to decorate your home with Foscarini designer lamps

The Italian brand of Foscarini was established in Venice in 1981 and has become increasingly popular in Nordic homes during the last couple of years. You can style their lamps in a number of ways to create the perfect mood in your home. Here, we show you how 3 stylists from Sweden, Norway and Denmark decorated their homes with the Foscarini lamps Buds 3, Kurage and Rituals 2.

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#1: Buds 3 with Elin Skoglund

In her home with Nordic and natural tones, Elin has chosen to decorate her home with the Buds 3 lamp from Foscarini. Its shape and transparent colour in the base enables it to give contrast or extend any room in any home. Buds is named after the natural elements found in fruits, with the lamp having a double effect with a warm feeling when it is on and a cooler expression when it is turned off. The lamp was developed by Rodolfo Dordoni in the 1990s in a collection of table lamps for Foscarini in brightly coloured blown glass.

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#2: Kurage with Catrine Svellingen 

In her work with the Kurage lamp, Catrine chose to focus on its details and match its texture with a wall in natural tones. The lamp is a result of the collaboration between Italian Luca Nichetto and the Japanese design house of Nendo. The Kurage's shape and texture provide a calm light downwards. 

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View her work here

#3: Rituals 2 with Trine Roedsgaard

In her minimalistic home, Trine enables to use the Rituals 2 table lamp as a decorative addition to her living room. With its base made from wood, it provides a unique contrast to a white coloured wall - both when its turned off but especially when it is dark and it is on. 

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View her work here.