Handvärk is a Danish design and interior company, which places a huge emphasis on sustainability, simplicity, and social responsibility both at a personal and corporate level. They prioritize the production of sustainable and fashionable products by minimizing packaging, using reusable materials, and ensuring the best possible outcome through the repetition of individual product designs. This approach not only enhances product quality but also aligns with their goal to exert a positive influence on the world, establishing Handvärk as a company that strives for social responsibility, establishes long-lasting partnerships, and maintains the highest quality standards in their product range.

The beautiful and popular lamps from Handvärk

Handvärk has quickly made a mark in the design and interior industry with its commitment to fashionable designs, great designers, and sustainability. A standout in their portfolio is the Globe Chandelier, designed by Emil Thorup, which showcases a blend of raw aesthetics and femininity through its dark tones and dangling wires, balanced with grey handblown glass shades. This lamp exemplifies Handvärk's innovative approach to design, making their collection highly acclaimed for embracing functional elements like wires as part of the design aesthetic, adding a unique charm to their offerings.

Handvärk - A design brand in development

Since its inception in 2015, Handvärk has shown remarkable growth and innovation by collaborating with distinguished designers, including Aleksej Iskos of Iskos-Berlin. Founded by Emil Thorup, a designer with a profound appreciation for the German Bauhaus movement, Handvärk aims to reduce visual clutter while maintaining the Nordic warmth in its designs. The company has positioned itself as a rising trendsetter in the lamp and interior design world, promising a future of great success and groundbreaking designs that reflect their core values of sustainability, simplicity, and social responsibility.