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One of Børge Mogensen's probably most popular dining table chairs is J39, which is also perhaps better known by the name: "Folkestolen", meaning the peoples chair. Børge Mogensen designed J39 back in 1947, as part of his collection of functional quality furniture, which was furniture that should be able to function in every house. A criterion that this chair clearly lived up to. J39 was christened "Folkestolen", as it was so versatile that it fit into almost every conceivable composition, and therefore was also an extremely popular chair among the Danish people.

The chair's simple design is a clear example of Børge Mogensen's style which focused on functionality and quality above all. The simplicity of the chair gives it a very special character, while the simple materials it is made of, oak and paper yarn, give it clear quality. Even today, the Folkestolen is an extremely modern chair, and can also be found in many places around the world, not in exhibitions, but instead in use, from restaurants and Cafes to public places and private homes, just as Børge Mogensen thought.

Fredericia Furniture Mogensen J39