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How do you create a nice home office that gives space to concentrate on the tasks at hand? Egil from @egilfarstad shares his take on a calm office space at home. You can also find Egil’s favorite designs for the home office.

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The home office space

Our home office space has for many of us become an important part of our everyday life. Some of us use our dining table, others have a designated room or area where they can sit down and get the work done.

For me it feels good to have an area where I can be comfortably seated, a spot with a lot of daylight without being dazzled by the sunlight and the right lighting from lamps when needed during the day and especially in the evenings.

Decorative elements

Our home office does not need much to facilitate our needs. But decorative lamps, green plants for a better indoor environment and a few decor elements makes the total even better and the chores nicer to do.

Design and aesthetics

For me design and esthetique is essential. I also have a great love for design lamps and I always choose lamps that both serve me good lighting for working and give me the nice and cozy lighting for hygge.

Art piece lamps

For me the design must also give the lamp an extra quality as an art piece. This is why I want to share with you some of my favorites that can contribute to serving you the same joy. Lamps make me extra happy.