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Decorate your home with the perfect fall colors from Muuto

Muuto has created the perfect colors for fall, that moves within green, red and brown tones, that takes the mind to the changing colors of fall. This is complimented by the more classic color ways grey, black and white. The colors are beautifully expressed in the Tip and Beam series, that consists of functional lamps, that are easy to decorate with. The new colors offer nuances to create a cosy vibe in your home for the darker months ahead. 


Muuto Tip Table Lamp Olive
Tip table lamp in Olive

Muuto Tip Wall Lamp Copper Brown
Tip wall lamp in Copper Brown

Muuto Tip Floor Lamp Grey
Tip floor lamp in Grey

The Tip series started with a table lamp, but the series has now been extended with a wall lamp and a table lamp. The tip series is simple and characteristic and both the head and body can be adjusted as needed, which makes the lamps very functional. The new extensions in the series means that this functionality can easily be incorporated in many rooms in your home. The floor lamp is perfect for the living room, the wall lamp fits well in the bedroom and the table lamp in the office. The many colors in the Tip series makes it possible to choose a lamp that goes well with the colors in your home or one that creates a contrast in the expression of the room.  


Beam table lamp in Green

Muuto Beam Umber Table Lamp
Beam table lamp in Reddish-Brown

Like the Tip series, Beam is a functional lamp, which is very intuitive to use. Beam can be adjusted to a fitting position with its rotating base and the light, which shines from both ends, can easily be adjusted with the build in dimmer. The sleek design makes the lamp versatile and it especially works well in small spaces like the window sill, the bookcase or the bedside table.