Tom Stepp is the designer behind many Cph Lighting lamps. Cph Lighting is Danish produced design lighting with focus on function and quality. Tom Stepp is a versatile designer that created success with the Oblique series from 1979 that has become a classic over time. The Basic lamp is also worth mentioning, which is characterized by the glare free light with high efficiency. This makes it perfect for kitchens or above the dining table. Explore the exciting universe of Cph Lighting.

Popular lamps from CPH Lighting

When you’re saying Cph Lighting, you’re saying Oblique and Eggy Pop, too. The Obligue series has just arrived in new colours, and with its beautiful design and high quality, it’s a qualified table lamp, floor lamp, AND wall lamp. Cph Lighting’s Eggy Pop is a stunning lamp in super clean design that will fit into most homes. Eggy Pop is available as floor lamp, wall lamp, pendant, and table lamp.

CPH Lighting's biggest designer

Tom Stepp has a pragmatic approach to design and materials. Through his many practical educations such as building technician, architectural engineer, and architect, he has gathered a lot of experience within working with materials and design. With this base, Tom Stepp created the Oblique series P’light. The Oblique lamps exude functionality and great craftsmanship.

The Story behind CPH Lighting

Cph Lighting is a Danish lighting brand, founded in 1989. Cph Lighting sells their products in all of Europe and Japan. Their lamps are built on high quality, functionality, and clean design. Cph Lighting has chosen to keep their production in Denmark to preserve the local soul in their products. Cph Lighting has a large selection of lamps such as the Oblique, Grid, Lightsquare, Basic, and Eggy Pop.

Cph Lighting logo

Cph Lighting