Cph Lighting

Tom Stepp, a renowned designer celebrated for his versatility and practical approach, is the creative force behind many of Cph Lighting's designs. His work, including the iconic Oblique series launched in 1979 and the efficiency-focused Basic lamp, underscores Cph Lighting's dedication to functional, high-quality Danish design lighting. The brand, established in 1989 and distributing across Europe and Japan, maintains its production in Denmark to ensure the authenticity of its designs. Cph Lighting’s portfolio, featuring distinctive pieces like the newly colored Oblique series and the minimalist Eggy Pop, caters to a range of preferences with products versatile enough to serve as table, floor, and wall lamps. The comprehensive selection, which also includes the Grid and Lightsquare among others, showcases the brand's commitment to clean design, high functionality, and the innovative use of materials, hallmarks of Stepp’s extensive experience in design and architecture.