In 1993, Gunnel Svensson founded Bsweden, a Swedish lighting company known for its exclusive, stylish, and modern lamps, which are crafted in the forests of Småland. Over the last 30 years, Bsweden's trendsetting designs like the iconic Manhattan and Fling series have gained international acclaim. Collaborating with famed Scandinavian designers including Jonas Wagell, Helena Svensson, and David Taylor, Bsweden produces its unique lamps. The Manhattan series, created by Gunnel Svensson in 1997 and inspired by the shape of a Manhattan drink, showcases the brand's innovative design, available as pendants, table, and wall lamps. Gunnel's background in industrial design and interior architecture, along with her passion for aesthetics, significantly contributes to the company’s success. Furthermore, Bsweden's commitment to sustainability is exemplified in its collaboration with local producers and craftsmen, preserving local craft traditions and supporting the regional heritage. This approach not only secures the high quality of their lamps but also ensures the preservation of local environments.