Bring Nature Into Your Interior with Wooden Lamps From Secto

Combining wooden lamps and green plants is a big trend and it can help you import nature to your interior and create more well-being.

The story of Secto - The woodworkers from Finland

In 1995, the founder of Secto, Tuula Jusélius met with designer Seppo Koho and they quickly learned that they had a shared interest in woodworking design.

They were both frustrated that you couldn’t find any good-looking wooden lamps, to go with their wooden furniture and thus, an idea was born.

With this in mind, they created the conical Secto 4200 pendant and this lamp became the backbone of an entire collection of wooden lamps.

After creating a successful collection from a small workshop in Heinola, Finland , it was necessary to expand production in 2017. Because of this, Secto established a new factory in the US that now has more than 30 employees.

Seppo Koho & Tuula Jusélius Secto Design
Seppo Koho og Tuula Jusélius preparing new designs

The 4200 collection from Secto - Bring warm light into your home

The original 4200 collection quickly expanded with several different lamps, in either natural or painted finishes. In addition to the 4200 pendants , Secto created the 4210 floor lamp , the 4220 table lamp and the 4230 wall lamp .

All of these are available in painted white or black wood , or the original birch or walnut finishes .

The collection is already extremely popular and the many different lamps, allow you to decorate with a coherent style in your home.

It was designed by founding designer Seppo Koho and is easily integrated with bright interiors, with lots of wood. We recommend using them in living rooms with lots of light or perhaps in a beach house to complete a Nordic design.

Secto 4200 pendant wallnut in combination Environment
The beautiful and simple 4200 pendants in walnut wood

The Secto Octo series - Ingenious, popular and a style icon

After creating their first, successful collection, Secto didn’t stop innovating. They moved on to an even more challenging design that would require even more of their wood turning capabilities.

The Secto Octo pendant is a spherical pendant, made from wooden slats that are beautifully turned to reflect the light coming from the top part of the lamp.
The result is quite astonishing and even though the shade is not closed, the slats achieve a shade-like effect and the pendant actually close off the shine from the bulb.

The pendant instantly became an icon and every housing magazine in the Nort h adopted the design in articles and themes. As an effect, the Octo became a bestseller from Secto and it’s no wonder why.

The model is available in two sizes - the small 4241 and the large 4240 , and in the original 4 colors from Secto.

Secto Octo Pendants Combination Hilton Hotel Amsterdam
Secto Octo pendants in different colors decorate a Hilton hotel in Amsterdam

Secto lamps for all your needs

If you’re looking for a specific lamp to install on either side of your bed, the Secto Petite 4630 Wall lamp is a wonderful bedside lamp for reading in bed.

If you’d rather have a table lamp standing on your bedside table and you want an indirect light, you can have a look at the charming and beautiful Secto Teelo 8020 table lamp . This comes in either walnut wood or birch wood , depending on the kind of style that you’re looking for.

And if you’re looking for a dining table lamp with a soft and nice light, as well as a beautiful design, you should consider an Octo pendant.

The Octo pendant is available in two sizes, so you can adjust the size, depending on the size of your dining table. Many people with a large dining table choose to hang two of the small Octo pendants in combination, to get the perfect light. Also, it looks extremely coordinated and complete when you use them in combination.

Secto Teelo 8020 table lamps in combination environment
The Secto Teelo 8020 Table Lamps work well in combination in either side of the couch or the bed.

Discover the entire Secto collection

At Andlight, we know everything about Secto lamps and we would love to help you choose just the right lamp for you and your home.

If you have any questions or anything else we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +45 44 44 62 44 or .

If you need more than one Secto lamp, and you’re decorating at home, you are also welcome to request an offer and we will return with a collected and advantageous price for you.

For you to get an overview of the most popular choices, we’ve collected the bestseller list from Secto below:

Secto 4200 Pendant
Secto 4210 Floor Lamp
Secto Octo 4240 Pendant
Secto Octo 4241 Pendant
Secto Atto 5000 Pendant
Secto Kontro 6000 Pendant
Secto Petite 4630 Wall Lamp

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