Brdr. Krüger

Brdr. Krüger, a Danish furniture company founded in 1886 by Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger, has merged traditional craftsmanship with modern design for over 135 years, maintaining a commitment to quality, minimalist beauty, and functionality. Emphasizing skilled craftsmanship, Brdr. Krüger's collection includes the iconic Bølling tray table, crafted by notable designer Hans Bølling in 1963. This table, celebrated worldwide for its design and versatility, features reversible trays in varying colors and wood types, allowing personalized customization. Hans Bølling, a pioneer in architecture and design since the 1950s, retains a strong partnership with Brdr. Krüger, continuing his legacy of creating timeless furniture designs. Today, as a fifth-generation design company, Brdr. Krüger honors Danish design traditions while integrating modern techniques, ensuring their furniture not only meets customers' aesthetic and functional needs but also stands as a testament to the enduring nature of expertly crafted designs.