Brand Week: New Works

Danish New Works is a proud design company with a complete and matching collection. The current collection of the brand seeks to combine light with darkness and the new with the old. New Works is very aware of materials and form and this is truly apparent in their lighting collection. Even though New Works experiment with forms and design, it is just as important for them to preserve the expression and authenticity of the materials they use.

This describes a constant balance between the traditional and the innovative, the classic and the challenging.  The combination results in fascinating and innovative products that still obviously draws from tradition and the respect of materials.

Kizu Table Lamp

Let’s start off with a popular lamp from New Works. The Kizu table lamp is designed by Norwegian Lars Tornøe and has a clear and distinct expression that will light up any home. The elegant lamp has a base made from marble, exposing beautiful marbling whether you choose the black or the white version . On top of the base a light, white acrylic shade balances effortlessly, giving off a nice and diffused light.

The structure of the lamp gives an illusion of balance, making it look like the shade is balancing insecurely on the top of the lamp. This makes the design a bit more challenging than on the GUBI Gravity that carries many of the same features as the Kizu.

The lamp is available in black and white and recently, a new, smaller version was added, so you can choose your size depending on your needs.
The lamp encapsulates the New Works philosophy in a brilliant way and with the relatively low price, most people can get their money’s worth in this wonderful design.

New Works Kizu Table Lamp Lifestyle

Material Table Lamp

Another very exciting product from New Works is the creative and versatile lamp series Material .
Here, designers Norgaard & Kechayas have taken their offset in a relatively simple shade-design and created a series from it. The series were originally launched with nothing but pendants, but since then both wall lights and table lamps have joined the collection.

The noticeable thing about the series is that you can choose the material the shade is made from. The series count models with marble, steel, wood, cork, concrete and even clay.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to choose a material that fits you and your interior. All of the lamps have the same shape and style, but the material differentiates them significantly. This also allows for the opportunity to mix the different styles throughout your home or create a completely coherent interior style with your favorite material.

New Works Material Table Lamp Lifestyle

Core Table Lamp

Another wonderful lamp that demonstrates the clear design language at New Works, is the table lamp Core .
This beautiful and natural lamp has a fascinating, polished surface and is made solely from blue granite. The result is a base with fine details and crystals, elevated by the downwards light of the lamp. A very sophisticated and thoughtful design that radiates exclusivity without being decadent.

The design comes from Norwegian Runa Klock and is an attempt to bring the harsh environment of Norway in to the home. And this is truly what she has done.

No matter where you want to use the lamp, it will give a raw, natural and sophisticated look, whether the light is on or off. The beautiful surface and sharp carving works together to create a unique overall impression.

New Works Core Table Lamp Lifestyle

Karl Johan Table Lamp

Lastly, we want to highlight the Karl Johan lamp , inspired by and shaped after the Nordic gourmet mushroom Karl Johan. The lamp is available with a base in black Marquina or in smoked oak wood , which emulates the rest of the collection. On the black base you get a glass shade with smoked glass that underlines the darkness in the design and highlights the warm light from the bulb in the middle. On the smoked oak model, a white opal glass shade that covers the bulb, diffuses the light softly.

One could say that these are two models that reflects nature by day and by night. Once again, the design is highly inspired by nature and Danish Signe Hytte has really captured the New Works philosophy with this design. With New Works, you will quickly start to recognize familiarity and be drawn in to the coherent universe of the brand.

New Works Karl Johan Table Lamp Lifestyle

If you like natural materials and Scandinavian design philosophy, New Works is a brand you should know. With innovative designs that manages to respect traditions and materials, New Works is one of the most uncompromising and defined brands in our time. We recommend that you give the New Works product page a visit and maybe you will want to squeeze one more lamp on the wish list.

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