Brand Week: Muuto

In this week, Muuto is in the spotlight. The Copenhagen-based design company has become a household name in Scandinavia in just a few years and they offer many different and innovative lamps. Read more to learn about the brand and their most remarkable products.

Muuto from Copenhagen

In this Brand Week, we are moving to Copenhagen to put focus on the Scandinavian-based brand Muuto . This brand has brought modern and contemporary designs to the world by working with a large number of Scandinavian designers.

The name Muuto comes from the Finnish word Muutos that means “new perspective” and this is what Muuto is constantly searching for. In addition to making lamps, Muuto also offers plenty of interior and accessories. If you look through their product catalogue, you will discover a clearly defined design universe and a coherence between every series.
Also, Muuto offers a variety of autumn colors on their lamps, which is great for decorating for the new season!

Grain pendant over kitchen table
The Grain pendant is made from bamboo fibre and comes in natural colors

Muuto has worked with many Scandinavian designers and design studios such as Cecilie Manz, Aiayu, Harri Koskinen and Thomas Bernstrand.
If you visit their product page you will see a clearly defined style and if you like Nordic and Scandinavian design, you will have no problem finding a space for these lamps in your home.

Muuto's new perspective

The new perspective that is central to the designs from Muuto, is apparent in the Unfold lamp , created by the award-winning, Swedish design studio Form Us With Love. This lamp rewrites the rules of a pendant, with its original design in silicone rubber, allowing it to be folded together, without losing its form. Being highly flexible, the design manages to stay rigorous and is offered in many natural colors, designed to light up the room. This pendant is simple, modern and a good example of the design philosophy of Muuto

Unfold pendant orange hanging Unfold pendant folded together
The Unfold pendant                                             Unfold is foldable for easier transport

Muuto also makes the hanging LED-bulbs that have gained popularity in recent years. Muuto has chosen a simpler approach than a brand like Tala and created a simple and clear bulb, hanging from the ceiling. On the E27 pendant it is the socket and wire that carries the design, with many beautiful colors to choose from. Some are vibrant and strong and some have more muffled colors like olive green, clay brown or mustard yellow. This means that you can easily combine the E27 pendants with each other or with other Muuto products with similar nuances, to match the colors of the season.

E27 pendant hanging with couch E27 pendant single stone wall
The E27 pendlant is offered in many colors                            Works well alone or in clusters

Muuto pendants

Another fun and beautiful lamp is the Mhy pendant from Norwegian design studio Norway Says. This elegant pendant features a shiny finish and is another example of Muuto’s ability to communicate simplicity. Furthermore, the design is a comment on and reference to the beloved character Little My from the TV-show Moomins, mimicking her upright hairstyle. The design is directly inspired from this cartoon and makes for a fun reference combined with a nice and contemporary design.

With its simple form and curvy design, the Fluid pendant is one the most popular products from Muuto, winning the hearts of many Scandinavians. The cloud-like and soft screen made from opal glass, immediately catches the eye and the light is calm and inviting. This is a good choice for a simple lamp for your dining table or office.

Mhy pendant in white over kitchen counter Muuto Fluid pendant in conference room
The Mhy pendant in white                                 The Fluid pendant works well with wood

Cool office lamps

Muuto lamps are easy to combine and especially the series Ambit , Tip , Grain and Leaf can be combined in many ways, because of the coherence in design language and colors. Many of these lamps have unique and beautiful autumn colors like dark green, blue-grey and copper.

Apart from a vast knowledge and understanding of contemporary design, Muuto offers humor and originality in their designs. The Muuto Wood Lamp is an example of this. This lamp imitates a classic architect lamp, but in a simple and almost unfinished design. Looking like something made in a woodworking class, the lamp is both charming and functional, making it a fun choice for your working desk.

Muuto Wood Lamp with couch Muuto Leaf on a working table
Wood lamp by the couch                                                      Muuto Leaf in copper tone

All this goes to show that Muuto is to be considered a serious player in Scandinavian design. Over just a few years, they have become a household name in the interior and lighting business. At the same time, Muuto creates very affordable products, so everyone can experience their contemporary design. If you are not familiar with Muuto, you owe it to yourself to experience their products and appreciate the distinctive challenge of making simple and understated designs. And, as mentioned, they offer wonderful autumn colors going in to this new season.

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