Brand Week: GUBI

GUBI - Danish elegance and luxury

GUBI is one of the biggest, Danish brands in designer lighting. GUBI combines the past with the future and they like luxurious materials and lamps with gold and brass colors.
GUBI is heavily inspired by some of the greatest, Italian designers, but still uses Danish minimalism as a starting point.

The company was founded by the couple Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen in 1967 to create beautiful design and cultivate progress in the furniture business. The brand quickly grew and has stood for innovation, design and quality ever since. Today, the company is managed by Gubi’s son, Jacob Olsen.

It is he, who started the new practice of reviving old designs through GUBI. Jacob travels the world to find heirs to old designers in order to give old designs new life. This way, he honors his father’s vision of combining the past with the present.

The story of Bestlite

This vision led to the recreation of the Bestlite-series , designed by Robert Dudley Best in the 1930’s. The lamp series came to life after Robert Best had traveled around Europe to find a design that would appeal to both professionals and consumers. Inspired by the Bauhaus-style that ruled Europe in the 20’s, Best created his Bestlite lamp consisting of a twisted arm mounted on a foot, with height adjustment and an adjustable screen.

The lamp series was already then extremely popular and because of the high functionality of the lamp, it was used in garages and even the Royal British Air force.  Furthermore, the Bestlite BL1 became a true icon after Churchill used it on his desk during World War II.

The series offer all categories of lamps, so you can integrate the entire series to get a complete look.

Bestlite BL1 on working desk lifestyle
Gubi Bestlite BL1 in chrome and black. Churchill''s desk lamp.

Original designs from GUBI

In recent times, GUBI is especially known for another functional lamp – the Multi-Lite , featuring turning screens with all new possibilities for light application and the expression of the lamp. This lamp is available in metallic colors or matte, diffused colors. The series features a pendant, a table lamp and a floor lamp.

Two Multi-Lite pendants over conference table
The Multi-Lite pendant with adjustable screens

GUBI Satellite is another wonderful hanging lamp, with an Asian aesthetic that is still elegant and minimalistic. It comes in vibrant, bright colors if you want to spice up your living room, but it is also available in neutral, diffused colors. This is characteristic for GUBI – you will often get the choice between a bold or clean exterior.

GUBI Satellite pendants over working desk
The Satellite Pendant hanging elegantly in the air

GUBI & Space Copenhagen

In cooperation with Space Copenhagen, GUBI has created the Gravity lamp that combines tradition and decadence. The base made from black or grey marble is naturally beautiful and the simple canvas shade gives off a warm and inviting light.

The lamp has an ability to blend in in every room dominated by wood, stone or tiles. The lamp is stylish and solid, but still has a distinct presence in every room you put it in. The marble foot is almost a sculpture in itself, with a shade levitating elegantly over it.

This lamp is a good example of how GUBI has an eye for the simple and sturdy, in order to maximize durability.

GUBI Gravity Table Lamp Black Marble Base
Gravity Table Lamp with a black marble base and textile shade

GUBI is a brand in constant development and they understand that the lighting industry benefits from collaborations and revivals of old designs. In a time where everything is digital, it might be the designer’s task to remember the classical and simple ideas of the past. Jacob Olsen does this, while still delivering new and exciting lamps.

Here at Andlight, we are very excited about the many brands from Denmark and GUBI is no exception. If you take a tour of their selection and you have a heart for interior and Nordic design, we can guarantee you that you will fall in love with at least one model.

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