Black November: 4 Black Lamps

Black November

Up until Black Friday there is a complete blackout on We are focusing on black styles and their possibilities, to make you ready for the crazy deals coming on November 29th.

In this post, we’ve collected 4 cool, black and stylish lamps that are easy to integrate in just about any room. Whether you are keeping a dark theme or want a product that contrasts a light and colorful interior, you can use the lamps below for inspiration.

&Tradition - Flowerpot

The small and simple table lamp Flowerpot VP3 is designed by Danish Verner Panton . The lamp was designed all the way back in 1968 as a discrete and pleasant light for restaurant tables.

Over recent years the little classic has found its way into many Danish and Scandinavian homes and &Tradition offers many colorways, all with their own distinct style.

We do, however, strongly recommend this matte black version. The characteristic design is underlined by the black color and diffused by the matte surface. Still, almost anyone will recognize this lamp and the design is very versatile, meaning you can use the lamp in just about any room.

Flowerpot VP3 Matte Black on coffee table


Lampe Gras - N204 Double

Well-known for their many contrast-colored lamps, of course Lampe Gras has a place on this list. The stylish, functional and now almost iconic Lampe Gras models is the perfect choice for a masculine and functional interior.

The N204 wall light from Lampe Gras is an example of a cool and simple lamp in a distinct black color that will contrast a basic, white wall. This model is especially useful above the headboard, given that the two screens can be adjusted to either side of the bed. This makes for good light for late night reading and saves space on your nightstand.

In addition to the functionality, you get the classic, French Lampe Gras design that is so popular and easy to recognize.

Lampe Gras N204 Double in bed room


Fritz Hansen - Kaiser Idell 6631

Another Danish designed and iconic table lamp that has to make this list is the Kaiser Idell 6631 from Fritz Hansen .
It is hard to choose from the phenomenal colorways that Fritz Hansen put on their popular darling, but here as well, the black version is a secure and popular choice. The classic Bauhaus-design from 1936 is both charming and functional and with the new matte black finish, the lamp gets a modern and sleek look.

The Kaiser idell is stylishness in the true sense of the word and if you choose the matte black version with either chrome- or brass-colored details, you will be able to implement it just about everywhere.

Kaiser Idell 6631 Bordlampe Matte Black & Brass Lifestyle


Verner Panton - Pantop

Pantop is a simple and strong design from Verner Panton . The perfectly formed shade hangs elegantly in the air and limits the light in a good way. The pendant can easily be used alone over a round table, but does also work well in pairs – perhaps over a kitchen counter.

The Pantop-pendant also comes in a matte black version. If you want a more eye-catching look, there are plenty of noticeable colors for the Pantop, but the lamp does very well in matte black. The soft and perfectly shaped design is impressive in itself and doesn’t necessarily need a wild color to come through.

Verpan Pantop Matte Black over dining table

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