Black Friday Picks: Tina's 5 Favourite Designer Lamps

Weekly Picks: 5 favourites from Tina

Black Friday is almost upon us and therefore we have asked interior enthusiast Tina to show us her 5 favourite lamps. Tina is the owner of one of the profiles that we admire the most. The lamps she has chosen fit into most homes - and in particular, if you want an extra delicate splash of colour. The Black Friday days give us a good excuse to redecorate our home with beautiful interiors that create well-being in our homes.

Tina has a sense of quality and aesthetics which is reflected in her home where good materials are put together with whimsical, balanced colour shades. Tina has always loved lamps and how they can create an atmosphere in the room. When looking for new lamps Tina says that the lamps must reflect her interest in shapes, materials and quality.

Established & Sons Filigrana Light S4 Ellipse Pendant

Filigrana from Established & Sons has caught Tina's attention with the fine stripes down through the glass. She loves the combination of the classic and the modern, and about the lamp she further says; "I will have a hard time choosing a colour, as I love all three colours it is produced in - white, red and black. Here I have chosen it in black. I will hang it from the rosette in my living room. It can gather the living room at the same time with absolutely perfect lighting.

Flos IC T2 Table lamp

The red table lamp from Flos is one of Tina's big wishes in the apartment. It would fit perfectly into several places such as in the window sill or on her favourite shelf. Tina describes the lamp as simple, elegant and with a fantastic light that is subdued, soft and calm. "I love the materials it comes in and I want more of the red colour in my decor."

Made By Hand Petite Machine 01 Floor lamp

Tina describes the Petite Machine floor lamp as an elegant lamp with round shapes and with a design inspired by lamps from the 30s. Tina wants to place the floor lamp next to her daybed or sofa - because the colour fits perfectly in her living rooms.

Please Wait to be Seated Planet Wall lamp

" The most beautiful wall lamp which acts as a sculpture itself. It gives the most delicate light with beautiful, round shadows on the wall. I would have it in my kitchen where it would create a stunning light. "

Lampe Gras N304 Wall lamp

Tina would love to acquire a couple of the magnificent lamp from Lampe Gras , so they can decorate nicely in her bedroom by the bed. Though, they could also easily fit into the kitchen and the bathroom.
They are both simple and beautiful, and then it is completely impossible to choose the colour, as they are available in the most beautiful colours, says Tina, who also thinks it is fascinating that the lamp was designed in 1921 when it's still so classic and current in its design. Here she has chosen the lamp in classic black with cord. They are also available without a cord and with a longer arm.

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