In 2023, Bert Frank was founded by Adam Yeats and Robbie Llewellyn. It was a meeting between two creative minds, and the start of an incredible partnership. Both have a large love of design and a deep respect for the heritage of British engineering. Both parties shared the desire to create exclusive products that could stand the test of time, and this has resulted in high-quality products that combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative design and that help create a lasting impression on people.

Elegance and beauty

Quality is central when it comes to Bert Frank. The British craftsmen deliver lamps in a class of their own. Lamps that beautifully showcase the hand-polished shine of the brass, the hinges with silky smooth movement and no visible joins to trace. Every single detail, from the intricate thumbscrews to the elegant finials, reveals an absolutely top class craftsmanship. Bert Frank's lamps are not just a lighting product with one function, but lamps that radiate elegance and beauty, and will adorn every interior in the home.

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Creative collaboration

Bert Frank is a true creative collaboration, where the two men work closely together from concept to finished product. Robbie's imagination and creativity are enriched by Adam's understanding of engineering principles and production methods, and together they create beautiful and unique designs. The result is that every design is cut to perfection and every detail is carefully considered. According to Bert Frank, a lamp made of the most expensive materials has none value if it does not create the light you want. Art meets technology. Design meets craftsmanship.

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British craftsmanship

Birmingham, England is the home of Bert Frank and their factory. All lamps are designed and manufactured here. A high-tech and advanced factory, where experienced and highly qualified people help bring the beautiful Bert Frank lamps to life. Despite the use of advanced, computer-controlled machinery, Bert Frank's lamps are very much "handmade" products, produced in small numbers. Living proof that British craftsmanship is alive and well.

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Bert Frank