Beautiful Wooden Lamps

In this article, we are presenting some of the leading brands in wooden lighting installations. All of these brands have a sustainable focus and uses natural materials. Read more to learn about the benefits of designing with wood and see the incredible creations from the best brands in wood design.


It’s getting increasingly popular to create unique and beautiful lamps in wood and here at Andlight we offer several brands with a passion for lamps made of wood. There are many good reasons to use natural materials, when designing lamps. Sorts of wood like birch, walnut and oak is incredibly beautiful and using wooden materials minimizes impact on the environment. All of the brands in this article have a strong focus on sustainability and respect for materials. Wooden lamps also compliment Nordic design very well and it is a great way to bring more nature in to your home.


Sustainability and perfect materials is important for the lighting company David Trubridge. The New Zealand based designer makes innovative and interesting lamps from different types of wood and is extremely focused on sustainability.

His lamps are made from clip-on joints, which is why you have to assemble the lamp yourself. When the lamp has been put together it has an absolutely stunning and finished look and lamps from Trubridge always deliver impressing shadows on the walls and ceiling. Most of the lamps that we offer from David Trubridge is made from bamboo and all of the models have different color combinations. These lamps stand for quality, sustainability and a unique shadow play. David Trubridge have won several design awards.

David Trubridge Flax in a vacation house                             David Trubridge Coral Yellow in the dark


Secto is a Finnish lighting company, specializing in advanced wooden designs. All of the lamps are made from Nordic trees like birch and walnut and all of their lamps are handmade by professional craftsmen.
Sustainability plays a big part with Secto as well, using only local workers and local sorts of wood, keeping the production as local and in-house as possible.

The Secto Octo pendant has grown to become a modern classic and Secto has positioned itself as a respected brand in very little time.
The creations of Secto is always simple, precise and elegant.

Secto 4210 in white and black                                      Secto pendants - with the Octo in focus


The self-taught designer Tom Rossau primarily uses wood to create his designs and when he in 2006 presented his TR7 lamp at Copenhagen Furniture Fair, it was selected as the Audience Choice. The TR-series holds many different lamps in different materials and colors. All of the designs from this collection works great by themselves, but if you choose to combine different models and sizes, you can create a coherent and beautiful environment of wooden light sources.

Tom Rossau has a strong sustainability focus as well, using, almost exclusively, Nordic birch wood. The light birch wood works as a lamp shade and when you turn on the lamp, the wood transforms into something warm and ambient. Tom Rossau lamps is a great way to bring warmth and nature in to your home.

Tom Rossau TR7 pendants                                        Tom Rossau TR30 pendant and floor lamp


The final brand we will look at today, is the German designer duo Dreizehngrad. The former co-students Alexander Fink and Jörg Zinser create handmade lamps in assorted types of wood. The lamps are rather simple, and some of them combined with anthracite glass, giving a modern and masculine look. The floor lamps from Dreizehngrad are very beautiful and makes for a great light source in the corner of an office or living room. Also, this brand is a bit more affordable than some of the others, making it attractive to newcomers of lighting design.

All of the lamp series are named after music genres, currently offering series Swing and Funk. The Industrial series is a series of lamps in glass and anthracite glass with wooden sockets.

Industrial - by Dreizehngrad                                                        Funk - by Dreizehngrad

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