AYTM, a Danish design brand, embodies a philosophy of quality, originality, simplicity, luxury, elegance, color, sophistication, and a Nordic touch across all its products, including the remarkable Luceo lamp collection. This collection, being AYTM’s first venture into lighting, consists of pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lights crafted in a stylish combination of glass and aluminum, offering elegance and a calming presence to any room. Beyond lighting, AYTM boasts an extensive collection of furniture and accessories, all originally designed in Aarhus, which through a meticulous design process and significant color choices, aim to bring warmth, happiness, and an aesthetic upgrade to any home. From its humble beginnings as a small, relatively unknown entity, AYTM has emerged on the global stage as a significant part of the Gran Living company, established in 2004. Co-owner Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen expresses confidence in AYTM's unique contribution to the Danish design scene and looks forward to the brand's future developments, underlining a journey of continuous growth and innovation.