Avolt is a Swedish design studio that takes sockets to a whole new level with their innovative approach. They represent a true revolution in socket design by uniting functionality, aesthetics and sustainability in their products. With Avolt's products, you get the opportunity to organize and charge your electronic devices in a practical and stylish way, both at home and in the office. Their Scandinavian-inspired design elements and color choices mean that they can be integrated seamlessly into any modern decor and become a natural part of your interior.

Explore our selection of unique sockets and find the perfect solution for your needs. With Avolt, you not only get a practical socket, but also a beautiful design object.

Popular products

One of their most popular products is the Square 1 USB-A, which has become an iconic choice for those who value simplicity and functionality. This power extender is not only a technological tool, but also a design element. With the Square 1 USB-A, you get not just a simple power extender, but an elegant and practical device, so you have the opportunity to organize your chargers and cables. The cubic shape and clean lines give a timeless look that fits perfectly into both modern and classic interior styles. Avolt is an example of how good design can enrich our lives and turn even the most functional objects into works of art.


Square 1's design philosophy is minimalist at its core, drawing inspiration from timeless, basic forms that have stood the test of time. Inspired by Bruno Munari's famous "Square Circle Triangle" trilogy, this product celebrates the simple forms that humanity has relied on for centuries. The company was created with the idea of ​​changing the perception of electronic possibilities. That's why Avolt chose to take elements from both design and functionality to put together the ideal product that can be used in your home or office. Their mission is to set a new standard in modern homes, offices and in public spaces.


The story behind

Avolt is a Swedish based design studio with a passion for creating products that are not only functional but also beautifully designed. Their focus on electrical connectivity has led to an impressive product line that makes charging and connecting electronic devices easier and more aesthetically pleasing. The Scandinavian design that Avolt incorporates into their products reflects the well-known Nordic minimalism and functionality. This makes their products perfect additions to both modern home decor and professional environments. Whether at home, in the office, in shops or in public spaces, Avolt offers solutions that harmonize with the surroundings and make everyday life more convenient.