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Although this armchair was designed way back in 1935, it is just as relevant today as it was then. Its appearance and organic soft shapes help to give the chair itself an extremely warm and inviting expression, and you almost feel like taking a nap in its comfortable embrace. Flemming Lassen himself described the sitting comfort as being "as warm and safe as a polar bear cub in the arms of his mother in the middle of the ice sheet". The armchair is the ideal companion in the reading corner surrounded by books, or in the cozy nook where you can enjoy a pleasant evening.

The Tired Man is available in several different upholstery, and with its extraordinary and almost exaggerated design language becomes not just an armchair in the home, but a beautiful piece of art that will undoubtedly attract attention. A stool is also available for the armchair, which is the ideal partner if you want to flatten out completely in the soft shapes and materials and just relax completely.