Founded in 1935 by four innovative designers, Artek has grown into one of Finland's most celebrated design houses, especially renowned for its high-quality lamps and contributions to modern design. Initially, none of the founders, including the iconic Alvar Aalto, were well-known, but their vision quickly caught the global design community's attention. Aalto, Finland's most famous designer, has made significant contributions not only to home decor but also to building design, including designing the building for KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg. Among Artek's lamp offerings, the Artek U336 pendant, designed by Danish designer Jørn Utzon, alongside the Artek Golden Bell A330S pendant, and the Artek Hand Grenade A110 pendant stand out for their thoughtful design and superior material quality. Artek's philosophy blends design, architecture, and art, positioning itself as an innovative contributor to the realm of modern design, particularly through its carefully designed lamp collection, which includes the acclaimed Artek U336 pendant and the well-known Artek Hand Grenade A110.