AndLight Styling: 3 Tips to Make The Best Out of Your Bedroom

Bring well-being into the bedroom using these 3 details

AndLight's stylist Melina from @hejmelig has always focused on decorating harmoniously, so it's pleasant for the eyes and mind. The bedroom, in particular, has been Melina's focus for a long time. In the bedroom, she has focused on optimizing with the correct light quality as well as the right colour shades and materials that all together can give a feeling of well-being before the night's sleep sets in.

The bedroom is one of the spaces we all spend the most time in, and therefore it is vital that the interior is in proper quality that meets the most basic needs that can calm the body. This may also be the reason why the bedroom is the space that AndLight experiences most customers seek advice on - and this experience has resulted in this short guide, where we and Melina guide you to a more harmonious bedroom.

TIP #1: The warm light is the alpha and omega

The bedroom is mainly for the night time and therefore it is important that the artificial light from the bulb has the right warm shade that does not stress the mind, but which is comfortable and makes the body calm down. Melina has made use of two lamps from Ferm Living's Arum series, which consist of sculptural lamps in a timeless design. Her installed bulbs have a normal light temperature of 2700 Kelvin. At AndLight, we don't recommend a higher light temperature in the bedroom, as a higher scale produces a whiter light. If you want a warmer light, you can go for a lower Kelvin. See our guide to using light sources here.

The table lamp and wall lamp from Ferm Living are good for places where you don't want a too-bright light, but instead an indirect light that makes the eyes relax. Ferm Living's Arum lampshade is shaped like a leaf on a thin stem and the shape of the leaf means that the brightness is strongest from behind. If more light is desired from the lamp, it can simply be adjusted and rotated in several directions for an optimal lighting condition in the room; perfect for those evenings you need a brighter reading light.

TIP #2: Minimalist design has a calming effect

As a counterweight to many of Melina's other rooms in her home, she has decorated the bedroom without too many eye-catchers. This gives the bedroom a calm that is important and that is easy to recreate in other homes. At Melina's bedroom, heavy materials and fabrics are combined with soft, organic shapes - and this interplay makes the room interesting and very cosy. Remove surplus details and instead incorporate different materials and fabrics to create the same atmosphere in your room.

The design of the Arum lamps is a perfect match if you want to create a calm environment in the home without compromising on the design. The Arum lamps are minimalist and contemporary decorative. The table lamp from the series is remarkable for the combination of its heavy marble and the rest of the lamp's fine design - and plays well with the soft silhouettes in the art on Melina's wall.

TIP #3: Tone on tone - let the light of the bulb be reflected in the interior

Skab en rød tråd i dit soveværelse ved at matche materialer og farver. Lys er som førnævnt alfa og omega, så start med at vælg din lampe og lad resten af din interiør genspejle pærerens varme nuancer. Vælg lyse nuancer i samme tone, så rummet kommer til at emme af velvære. For især varme, lyse nuancer skaber ro og overblik. Derfor har de hos Ferm Living ligeledes designet deres Arum lamper med en skærm, hvor indersiden er i mat beige som giver et blødt og jævn fordelt lys - både på deres Arum modeller i sort og cashmere.

TIP # 3: Tone on tone - let the light of the bulb be reflected in the interior

Create a common thread in your bedroom by matching materials and colours. Light is, as mentioned before, the alpha and omega, so start by choosing your lamp and let the rest of your interior reflect the warm shades of the bulb. Choose light shades in the same tone so that the room exudes well-being. Especially warm, light shades create calm and overview. This is also why Ferm Living designed their Arum lamps with a lampshade, where the inside is in matt beige which gives a soft and evenly distributed light - both on their Arum models in black and cashmere.

Find Ferm Living's lamps here.

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