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Showroom: Kronprinsessegade 4, 1306 Copenhagen

Like so many of our other brands, &Tradition has chosen to locate its showroom in the centre of Copenhagen. This makes it easy to visit if you're new in town or just looking for a quick stroll of great design while discovering the streets of the city.

&Tradition's showroom is located in Kronprinsessegade where you find a large selection of their greatest designer lamps portrayed. Moreover, you are also able to get a cup of coffee from their café while you look around their beautiful showroom. When looking around, you will discover all of their historical and iconic designs such as the AJ/Bellevue lamp from Arne Jacobsen, the Flowerpot series from Verner Panton or some of their new lamps like the SC-series from Space Copenhagen. No matter your style, classical of new, a visit to their showroom will leave you inspired like never before.

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Why visit &Tradition?

The famous and iconic design company that has produced some of the world's most popular designs. That can sum up &Tradition. They produce both lamps, furniture and accessories. Here at AndLight, you can find their whole lighting assortment of both table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, pendants, and ceiling lamps. With a philosophy to create a timeless design that is built on traditions and revolution, it is the perfect brand for classic and timeless styling of your home. &Tradition puts great honour in former lighting design and the joy of bringing these to life again, but at the same time, &Tradition welcomes new designers and support their take on tomorrow’s lamps. &Tradition is especially known for the lamps Blown, Formakami, Copenhagen, Flowerpot, and Bellevue.

Visit &tradition at www.andtradition.com

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