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Spring's most popular lamps 2021

Learn about the spring trends of 2021 and get suggestions for the most popular lamps, for modern decorating.

Goodbye winter and hello spring!

A new season is upon us and spring offers the opportunity to do something good and new for your home. Slow down and find peace in your home. Spend time creating the right feeling with just the right lighting.

Keep an eye out for spring trends

We consult many of our customers in decorating their homes with calm and natural light. In addition, many choose to decorate their homes with classic lamps among other things, to create contrast to vibrant wall colors. Especially the desire for a clean expression and the use of contrasts is something you need to keep an eye on. See how you can create something similar in your own home!

Read more in this article, where we present the most popular lamps of Spring 2021!

Vitra Akaria 10A Floor Lamp Environment

Akari Light 10A Floor lamp

A simple design made from rice paper by the Japanese-American designer Isamu Noguchi. The lamp is part of the Akari series, which is available in different sizes, shapes and colors. They provide a unique natural and warm soft light that does not take up much space. The 10A model is one of their larger floor lamps, which is extremely suitable for the bedroom, living room or office.

The Akari series has been one of the most coveted series in 2020 and the series will continue as a style icon in the spring of 2021.

See it here.

GUBI Bestlite BL7 Food gray and Brass

Bestlite BL7 Wall lamp

A simple, elegant and classic wall lamp designed in 1930 by Robert Dudley Best. The light is comfortable and fits any room and any kind of decor. The lamp has a historical expression and is available in a myriad of different, luxurious color combinations. The lamp is available both as a Hardwired mounting lamp and with cord.

See it here.

Foscarini Caboche Pendulum Transparent Environment

Foscarini Caboche Pendant

Beautiful Italian design from Foscarini. The lamp is made of transparent acrylic balls, which both create an exclusive look, as well as an incredibly beautiful light. The lamp is also available as a table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp and ceiling light and is also available in a beautiful gold version.
Caboche is a typical Italian design and you get all the best from the sunny and passionate country, into your decor with this model. A true spring lamp that can freshen up your decor tremendously!

See it here.

Astep 237/1 Flos & Gino Sarfatti Brass Wall Lamp

Astep 237/1

In collaboration with Flos , Astep made a revival of legendary Gino Sarfatti's well-known and timeless creations. These floating bulbs, which rest on a small ring, give an impression of beautiful randomness and a fidelity to the obvious. Even though the design is over 50 years old, it still stands as a fresh design classic that in no way seems old-fashioned.

See it here.

Grupa Products Arigato Double Ceiling Lamp Black Environment

Group Arigato Double Ceiling Light Black

Quality and functionality with a twist! The Arigato series offers all this with a unique design and adjustable joints, which makes it easy and comfortable to maneuver the lamp around to where you need the light.
The Arigato series is Grupa's best-selling series, due to its high functionality and classic, industrial design.

See it here.

Fritz Hansen Lightyears Kaiser Idell 6631 Anniversary Mat Black & Brass

Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell 6631 Table lamp

With its elegant and timeless design, this popular table lamp manages to remain a favorite. This model is the limited edition in Matte Black and Brass and emphasizes the elegance of the design. A lamp that really exudes quality and design! All Kaiser- Idell lamps are made of steel or brass, while the shades are hand-painted in high-gloss or mat paint.

Fritz Hansen has just updated this model, with a new and modern color combination - Matt grey and brass. You can see it here.

See the original here.

Tom Rossau TR7 Floor lamp and Pendant Birch wood

Tom Rossau TR7 Floor lamp Large

Made in Copenhagen by the self-taught Danish designer Tom Rossau. Designed in natural wood veneer that provides a calm and comfortable light. The TR7 floor lamp is one of his award-winning designs and is at the same time one of the most well-known and popular models.
TR7 is available in two different sizes, and is made both as a pendant and a floor lamp. The lamp series is produced in the materials birch veneer or white plastic.

See it here.

Design By Us Optic Wall Smoke Wall Lamp Eyeball Arbitrary

Design By Us Optic wall lamp

Unique and special wall lamp made of mouth-blown glass and then assembled by hand. The lamp is available in several colors, all of which give a very special glow to the wall and make your home stand out. Hang it next to the sofa and let it adorn the living room or use them to spruce up the bedroom next to the bed. Comes in pink, smoked and transparent glass. Please note that here you must choose both a special "Eyeball glass" and an original "Arbitrary bulb" for the lamp. This allows you to combine the look even more, as these extras also come in several colors. You can read more about how to buy the lamp at the link below.

See it here

Lamp Grass N304 Hardwired Wall light

Lampe gras N304 Wall lamp

With the Lampe Gras N304 Matt Black wall light, is a surefire classic for your home. The lamp was designed in 1921 by Bernard-Albin Gras and is to this day still as beautiful as when it was created. This model is one of our hyper popular lamps that never goes out of fashion. The design is perfect for when you just want something functional and discreet, which still oozes quality and durability.

See it here.